From PyPI

GaiaXPy was designed to work with Python 3.7 or later, and is available through PyPI. Previous versions of the package are compatible with Python 3.6.

To install the package, first ensure that the version of pip you are using is the one associated with Python 3 on your machine.

You can check this by running:

pip --version


pip3 --version

You should see a Python version at the end of the output of these commands. E.g.: python 3.8.

To install GaiaXPy from PyPI, simply run:

pip install GaiaXPy # or pip3 if it corresponds

From source

To install GaiaXPy from source:

# Clone the repository
git clone
# Or, optionally, you can clone just a specific branch in the repo
git clone --branch my-branch
# Navigate to the GaiaXPy directory
cd GaiaXPy
# Create a virtual environment
python3 -m venv .env
# Activate the environment
source .env/bin/activate
# Install the package
python install
# Or alternative installation command
pip install -e .