Error correction

Module that implements the error correction over a multi-photometry.

apply_error_correction(input_multi_photometry, photometric_system=None, output_path='.', output_file='output_corrected_photometry', output_format=None, save_file=True)[source]

Apply error correction (see Montegriffo et al., 2022, for more details). Infer photometric systems if not specified.

  • input_multi_photometry (DataFrame) – Photometry DataFrame, can contain photometry for one or more systems.

  • photometric_system (obj) – Desired photometric system or list of photometric systems.

  • output_path (str) – Path where to save the output data.

  • output_file (str) – Name of the output file without extension (e.g. ‘my_file’).

  • output_format (str) – Desired output format. If no format is given, the output file format will be the same as the input file (e.g. ‘csv’).

  • save_file (bool) – Whether to save the output in a file. If false, output_format and output_file_name are ignored.


A DataFrame of all synthetic photometry with corrected errors for the systems for which it is


Return type: